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New season Prada Sunglasses have arrived

February 12, 2009

While the recent cold snap might not have made many people think of summer, in the fashion world thoughts are definitely heading that way, and this week Fashion 4 Eyes are pleased to announce the arrival of the 2009 range of Prada Sunglasses to bolster our already impressive collection of designer glasses.

This year’s Prada sunglass collection is full of sunglasses which convey luxury while also making a bold statement. From the obvious logo on the Prada SPR16L to the more subtle styling of the Prada SPR08L these sunglasses are sure to once again become a celebrity favourite. With each pair of sunglasses coming in a minimum of 5 colour options, there really is something for everyone.

Most of these sunglasses are also available to your prescription. Our expert technicians will also match the tint (colour) of the prescription lenses to those lenses that you see in the frames. That way, you can have prescription prada sunglasses and still maintain the designer look.